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Classic Honda S600 Producing 20 Times the Power it Left the Factory With

The Honda S600 holds a special place in the history books and hearts of Honda enthusiasts the World over. Launched in March 1964, it was Honda’s first mass marketed automobile. Available in either coupe or convertible, both vehicles weighed in at right around 1,600 pounds give or take 33 pounds for the added weight of the coupe.

Powered by 606cc four cylinder inline engine producing just 57 horsepower, many current owners of the classic Honda often complain about the lack of power.

However, that cannot be said about the vehicle below.

What happens when you take a Honda S600 coupe and wrap it around an engine producing twenty times the horsepower it came from the factory with? Well, the answer to that question can be found in the video below.

This Honda S600 is literally wrapped about a modified Toyota 2JZ engine. The stroked 3.2 liter six cylinder engine has two massive billet turbochargers delivering 24 psi of boost and producing 1,002 horsepower at the rear wheels. As a testament to the quality of the engine build, it has never been rebuilt in its three years of use. This is an amazing feat for a drag racing engine.

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