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Classic Honda S600 Producing 20 Times the Power it Left the Factory With

The only application such a vehicle would have is of course the drag strip. As one could guess, the monster S600 calls Australia home, a place where you can find many examples of massive motor madness.

As one would imagine, the vehicle has been extensively reworked in order to channel the massive increase in horsepower to the ground. The 1965 S600 has a methanol injection system, Turbosmart blow-off valves and a Haltech PS2000 electronic control unit. Converting the 1,000+ horses into forward motion is a Proglide automatic transmission. The chassis of the Honda S600 has had to be extensively reinforced to avoid bending to the tremendous forces produced by the massive 2JZ 1,000 horsepower engine. The added equipment has also increased the weight of the vehicle by 800 pounds to 2,400 pounds.

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