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The Toyota GT86 GRMN Finally Got More Power But For An Insane Price

It is happening. Finally, it is happening – the Toyota GT86, better known as the Scion FRS or the Subaru BRZ is getting a more powerful engine – at least in Japan. Releasing the car called the 86 GRMN, Toyota finally demonstrated the will to improve the Subaru-built two-liter boxer engine and offered it with more power. While this may sound quite nice, please don’t get your hopes too high. Toyota created this car only for the Japanese market and if you are hoping that you could somehow import a JDM car better back off. Only 100 units of the new more powerful 86 are planned and each one starts at sickening 53 grand.

What is so special with it then!? As it turns out, Toyota created this special edition in collaboration with Gazoo Racing who revealed its concept version last year. Interestingly enough, the thing carries the GRMN name (an Acronym of somewhat cheesy Gazoo Racing Masters of Nürburgring).

Making it a master of the Nurburgring, Gazoo Racing undertook some important steps first of which was the removal of any unnecessary parts and shaving off 100 lbs of the stock car. The hardcore version of the Toyota GT86 received small changes to the suspension, new 17 inch wheels with tires that are NOT from the Prius and ventilated discs with six-pot front and four-pot rear calipers.

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