7 Things All Kids Should Study to Get a High-Paying Job in the Future

As parents, we want many things for our children including health, happiness, and a secure financial future. As technology advances, however, thousands of jobs are being threatened by machines and artificial intelligence, and it’s become more difficult to know how to prepare our children to succeed in an uncertain future.

The plain truth is that the majority of the careers our children will pursue don’t even exist yet. So how do we prepare our children for those high-paying careers, when we don’t know what they will look like?

Luckily, there are clues as to where the jobs are going, and your children can get ready for those jobs by focusing on specific areas of study. Here are seven things your child should study now to prepare them for a high-paying, robot-proof job in the future.

1. Coding

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software engineering jobs will grow 18.8 percent between now and 2024, while computer systems analyst jobs will increase 20.9 percent.

Computer scientists are driving the future. Even if their job doesn’t require them to write code, your child will need at least a basic understanding of computer science no matter their career. Developing this interest early on will prepare your child and allow them to keep up with an advancing world.

But beyond the job opportunities for computer scientists, studying code teaches children skills that will be fundamental to all career paths. Creativity, attention to detail, and structure will be as necessary as computer science knowledge in the jobs of tomorrow.

2. Data Analytics

Our world is run by data. Corporations like Google and Amazon churn out unimaginably massive quantities of data, and those who can make sense of that information can pinpoint trends and correlations that are valuable to such companies.

The number of data analyst jobs is expected to grow by 30 percent over the next seven years. Anyone who can analyze large amounts of data and produce critical insights on how people make decisions, will have a secure place in the future job market.

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